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  • “I've been very pleased with the return and awesome perks I've received from investing on Chime.”

    Andy G.

    invested $11k on Chime

  • “Chime just seemed fun. Something I’ve not done before, and investing in music artists is not something you see everyday—which is why it's exciting as well as potentially disruptive...Not to mention, I enjoyed the jams.”

    Brad G.

    invested $5k on Chime

  • "We were fortunate enough to experience a great deal of buzz around our first single “Free Animal,” which translated into a number of exciting label, publishing and touring opportunities. The capital we were able to raise through Chime’s investors allowed us to take advantage of those early opportunities and continue to build value around our “brand” without having to give up the rights to our music. It was the best loan out there for our business!"

    Jacob Michael of Foreign Air

    Chime Artist